Website/Portfolio & Showreel (364mc)

I have spent a considerable amount of time working on my website this time round. I made one for my 201mc module last year but it wasn’t quite to the standard that I’d consider registering it to a domain. I was in two minds about what builder I would use, Weebly worked well for 360mc but I do feel that Wix has a lot more customisable features. I started from the ground up on Wix with a completely blank canvas. I wanted a clean, minimalist feel that presented my work clearly and didn’t require a whole lot of clicking. Content was most important with a consistent design.

I worked my logo in and tried to keep a consistent theme with recurring fonts on titles, subtitles and base text sections. My project page features stills from the productions linked to subpages that house the film and supporting text/material. I have included some photography work, services that I can offer as well as my CV that can also be downloaded. My new showreel is the first thing you see and I’m really happy with this as it presents a good body of work from the last year, summarising the projects I’ve been involved with.

I registered the site to a domain and now have my own URL for two years. Removing the .wix and adverts is so worth it, boosts the overall look and makes it that much more professional.

Below is a link to my website, my showreel and screenshots of the main pages:

Webpage Home

Website About.jpg

Website Projects.jpg

Website Project Example

Website Photography.jpg

Website Services.jpg

Website CV.jpg

Website Contact.jpg


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