‘More’ & ‘Just Us’ Short Film Work (364mc)

Over the last couple of weeks I have been working on two short films entitled ‘More’ and ‘Just Us’. They are both third year final projects and distinctly different. I have always enjoyed collaborating with my peers in and outside of university as there is some real talent across the board.

The first short film, ‘More’ focuses on a man going about his daily routine at work but he has a dark obsession that helps him through. A surrealist short that is fresh and brings together a unique group of creators. Chris Caswell has put together something special here. I joined the shoot for 3 days, serving for the most part as a runner but I also operated the Blackmagic URSA Mini 4K Video Camera for certain shots both interior and exterior. One of my main duties was managing the raw 4K material and organising it all on hard drives.

Here are a couple of pics from the shoot:

After shooting had wrapped, I helped Chris process the footage in DaVinci Resolve and then proxy the best takes so that he could edit on his Mac away from the edit suite. Originally I didn’t quite comprehend the best way to do an offline edit but now I realise how easy it is to proxy and then relink the 4K files. This process has helped me understand the workflow, applying this to my own mini projects since. We are now at a point that all takes have proxies and Chris can commence his rough cut.

Another short film I have worked on is ‘Just Us’, which follows two brothers (Mark and Johnny) who are being hunted by a zombie in a post apocalyptic world. It is a brilliant idea and makes use of some excellent locations that they have scouted over the last few months. I jumped on as boom operator for one of the days shooting between a forest and a rather large back garden in Arley. The guys put together a great bunch of creative people who ensured that the first days shooting went smoothly and everyone knew what they had to do.

I love being a part of these projects as I know my roles but the locations, wider crew and actors I’ve often never met so it’s another chance to network and collaborate with great like-minded people.



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