Final Reflection on 364mc

Throughout this module, I have spent time reflecting and considering my options for after I graduate University. It has helped me once again to look at myself as more of a professional and less of a student. For the first time I have a website with my own domain that features the best of my work that I can say I’m proud of. The new showreel works far better than my previous one for 15/16 as it clearly shows my role whereas the last one was a little unclear and gave people the impression I was a cinematographer. I have reached out to a lot of filmmakers with different roles ranging from Directors, Producers, Editors through to Writers and Actors. I have included different filmmakers as I wanted to see how they all entered the industry and if there were patterns. A lot of people did mention how you must keep busy working on smaller projects but staying humble and respectful at all times. It’s not what you know starting out it’s who you know. Be nice, do your job and people will remember you and recommend you for other projects. That’s been my experience so far and I hope that it continues.

I have a very clear picture of the role(s) in which I would like to go into whether that be as a Junior Editor or an Edit Assistant. I know of the skills required and actions I could take to increase my suitability for those roles. I have applied to a few positions in Bristol and Birmingham, currently waiting to receive responses but I’ll be following them up with phone calls soon.

This module has definitely helped push me to go a little bit further with my blogging, my research around the industry and how I approach people. I’ve been able to record skype interviews, speak face to face with filmmakers and record these interactions audibly, attend masterclasses that I’ve followed up with emails and connect over social media. The support and feedback I’ve had from my peers and a number of media practitioners has helped develop my portfolio and attention to detail on design and content. I’m looking forward to finishing this year properly, pushing my final project out to festivals and hopefully having some success.

Onwards and Upwards as I’ve always said.


PICOGRAPHY.CO. (2017) Picography. [Online Image] Available from: [Accessed: 06/04/17]


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