Professional Portfolio Feedback (364mc)

I have recently finished my first overall draft for my website/portfolio focusing on my work as a video editor and videographer. Personally, I am very happy with the overall look and feel to the site but first it was important to get some feedback. I decided to send it to Liane Moonraven, Ian Dangerfield & Anthony Webster. Ian especially as he has worked on many projects for over 30 years, hoping he would appreciate the range of content I have populated the site with. Anthony may be an actor but he’s a brilliant creative, working behind the camera on a number of shoots and working in so many character pieces, he understands how to maintain a look and feel throughout. Liane has given me critical feedback before on other projects, FMP and for personal shorts.

The screen-grabs are below for the feedback they gave:

Liane Moonraven (Writer/Executive Producer of The Carmen Online Theater Group & President of Moonraven Films)

Screen Shot 2017-04-02 at 16.55.33.jpg

Ian Dangerfield (Director, Cinematographer)

Screen Shot 2017-04-01 at 19.56.42.jpg

Anthony Webster (Actor, Media Practitioner)

Screen Shot 2017-04-02 at 16.56.24.jpg

It’s been so beneficial to get some feedback on specific areas of the website. I am happy with my projects and actual content that has been included but I feel it’s imperative to get comments on how the website is designed and organised. Anthony especially helped with grammar, moving things around a little. Liane was great there too, picking me up on some areas where I’d exactly included the wrong content.

I am thoroughly happy with the site compared to my first portfolio from 2015/16 that was a little broad and quite crude at times. This time round I’ve put together something that looks professional and does my work justice. It’s so great to have everything in one place with supporting material.

I will add a couple more things as I hope to have a trailer together for my fmp this week that I could include. I will also take screenshots of the website and post them in a separate blog post.


  • Feedback. Nick Youngson. June 2016. Available from: [Accessed: 02/04/17]

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