Industry Contacts 4.0 (364mc)

Contacts mentioned:

  • Liane Moonraven (Writer, Producer & Actress) 
  • Ian Dangerfield (Director, Editor & Photographer)

In a previous post, I mentioned my interactions with ‘Moonraven Films’ and becoming Film Editor for their debut feature film ‘Paper Angels’ (2017). Thankfully, casting Anthony Webster as the lead in a short film I worked on last year proved ever more fruitful as he actually recommended me to the producer, Liane Moonraven. Through a number of conversations and providing evidence of my work through vimeo, Liane wanted to get me on board and I jumped at the chance. We have now been working on the film for some months, it’s shaping together nicely. Thankfully both Liane and Ian Dangerfield, the Director for Paper Angels, took time out of their busy schedules to answer some questions about how they started up in the industry and any advice they could give.

Ian Dangerfield has been in the industry some 30 years working on a variety of projects, learning how to shoot and edit the old fashioned way. Over time he has witnessed the growth and development of technology and the software available to media practitioners. I spoke with him over Facebook recently asking how he exactly got started up. It was interesting to see how he had a desire to improve the quality of the images he was taking, whether that be through new technology or new modes of practise. He was keen and established by the age of 18, never really having to advertise as recommendations kept him working. Proves once again it’s not what you know, who you know and that doing a good job leads to more work. This is the case for ‘Paper Angels’ as having a good working relationship with our actor Anthony, having his approval and appreciation for my short film led to a recommendation to Moonraven Films. As I’ve learnt be nice, be respectful, do your job well and you’ll be rewarded.

Here is a little excerpt from the conversation we had:

Ian Dangerfield

Over the last few months I’ve worked with Liane on the edit, video calling her as she lives in America. Liane is predominantly a writer, having published novels and written scripts for other projects. Through the interview you’ll watch in a moment, Liane made it clear that through her creative projects, she wanted to move towards film and being more behind the camera. Through our working relationship these past 4 months, we have never actually met and only spoke on a site called ‘’ that can host a number of people in one call for free. This meant that Liane could see my screen and scrub through scene blocks in real time. An opportunity for feedback and changes could happen there and then as we spoke. I will definitely go on to use this service on future projects.

One evening we had a break from the film and I asked her about how she decided she wanted to pursue more of a career in the film industry as well as her desires for the future. It was great to speak with her informally about these topics and there are prospects of working together again in the future. We have recommended contacts to each other, working beneficially for both of us. I will definitely keep in regular contact with her as I have these past months, she will be moving to the UK in the summer. I have ensured that the work I put forward to Liane is of the best quality and this has secured her interest and belief in my abilities as an editor.

I did use Skype for this interview but that is down to a third party plugin I have called ‘ecamm’ that can record and export the calls retaining the sound from both ends. Here are the answers from the interview below:


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  • Paper Angels (2017) D. Ian Dangerfield. Film. Moonraven Films

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