Industry Contacts 3.0 (364mc)

Contacts mentioned:

  • Sam Jury (Experimental Filmmaker)
  • Christopher Clarke (Producer, Actor)
  • Nicholas Urmston (Producer) & Steve Ringrose (Editor)

This week has been very busy but extremely productive. I was able to meet some interesting people in the industry and talk informally about their work, advice they could give on starting out and certain do’s and don’ts. I met Sam Jury, an experimental filmmaker who focuses on how technologies can separate us from reality; the social and psychological implications of this. Luckily I booked in some time with her and recorded part of the conversation. I was able to ask how she works through different practises and if her starting methods were similar. We spoke about social conditioning and how I shouldn’t follow paths that are influenced by what others expect of me. It has to be solely my decision and Sam opened my eyes quite a bit to this. I would definitely like to experiment some more with short films, testing different ideas and forms that could be developed. Less is more I feel in this area as what possibly is lacking in visual quality is made up in theory and explanation behind the edit and shot ideas. At one point, Sam spoke about the audience for the film and the subject finding it’s subjectivity. Something may not make sense might now but may do so in 2 years time. The meaning could alter entirely. She mentioned at 6 minutes about how “…your work will find it’s audience”. This was helpful to hear from a filmmaker who delves into more specific themes.

If you follow the link below you can listen to some highlights from the talk we had. If there is any trouble previewing the file, you should be able to download it:

I also had a meeting with Christopher Clarke, an actor and Managing Director of Coventry based ‘Halogen Entertainment’. It was great to hear his journey and stories of working and living in America, how the industry can be a dark place at times, it can chew you up and spit you out if you let it. Still he has had an interesting career and worked in different roles in front and behind the camera. Now he runs Halogen Entertainment in Coventry and is set to continue making features films that can bring success at festivals and have the chance to be distributed throughout the world.

He also helps organise and manage the Coventry Film Festival which will become 4 years old later in 2017. I had briefly heard of this in it’s infancy but now it’s growing in popularity and submissions are coming in from all over the world. I will definitely consider submitting content to the festival later this year. It’s good for Coventry and the film community to have a a local awards festival.

Sadly I wasn’t able to record the conversation as we were in a coffee shop and the noise was too much. We have spoke over email since, I can’t screen shot it though as there is private information. Hopefully, there may be a chance of collaboration in the future and I’d be excited to work with a local production company and new creators.

I also contacted Nicolas Urmston, producer and head of Green Gorilla Films, regarding how they started their production company a few years ago and how best to tackle the ever growing industry that surrounds us. I was also fortunate enough to work as a PA on an advert for Selcos Warehouse that ran on Sky Sports for a few days; invaluable experience in the green room and on set. He gave me some great advice and little tips to remember as I speak with people and operate potential freelance work in the future. I also got a great contact from their editor, Steve Ringrose about a contact he knows who works at Aardman, Jon McGovern, a Senior Designer and that I should reach out to him. Appreciate these guys as they really utilised the support from university and actively set up a business after graduating.

Here is a screenshot of the great advice he gave and the message from Steve:

Nicholas Urmston

Steve Ringrose.jpg


  • Business Communication Duplicat model. Ghozt Tramp. 8 July 2010 Available from: [Accessed: 17/03/17]






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