Filming for ‘Culture Vultures’ (364mc)

As mentioned in previous posts, in order to secure accommodation in Morocco, I agreed to do some filming for Culture Vultures, an organisation that provides workshops for international artists to attend with traditional local artisans. It was to surround the idea of multiculturalism which forms the foundation of the organisation’s work and general ethos. It serves as the bridge between creators from all over the world and local craftsmen meeting, working and collaborating together. We were commissioned to record a number of interviews with key contributors from Fes and around Morocco as well as local Sefrouians. Either Jess or another member of the C.V. team, Fatima would be asking the questions, our job was to setup two cameras, get the interviewees mic’d up and hit record.

It was definitely a challenge for both myself and Ezra as we had 12 interviews to setup over two days and had a short brief the first morning of filming. Things always change last minute, keeps us on our toes that way. I prefer this myself as it forces us to think on our feet and be the most creative we can be. We were lucky to meet so many artists and remarkable people who are really doing something special for the art scene in Morocco. Blurring the lines between old and contemporary practise. Sometimes you can’t quite appreciate the answers in an interview as we are focusing solely on the technical side of things and of course the mic level!!! Therefore it is great to watch the english spoken interviews back and appreciate what we captured on the day. A host of b roll footage was also captured to accompany the interview segments, content that will be included at a later date.

The experience working with Culture Vultures was for sure a challenge but one that we took head on and throughly enjoyed every second of it. Collaborating with other artists is always something I’m fond of, whatever measure that may be. To do it in Morocco, on an international level was that much more rewarding. I hope to work with them again in the future as they are bright thinkers, talented creators and genuinely good people.

Here are some stills from the interviews and the two days of work:



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