Test Footage Canon vs. Samyang (35mm-50mm)


Here is a second test video comprising raw footage that I shot in my back garden on a Canon Mark II with four lenses. I wanted to try Canon Primes against Samyang’s on the same exposure settings. I was aware that Samyang lenses have a richer film look and the manual aperture change.

Generally l ruled out using the 35mm for my project as I can use the 50mm more, the 100mm macro for tighter shots and the 24-105mm zoom lens for the rest. Generally the Samyang 50mm was sharper and had more depth. It’s a shame that the final shot is slightly out of focus as it is clear that the colours are superior to the Canon 50mm f1.8. As mentioned in one of my research posts, I was influenced by ‘Old Craftsman Portrait’ (Hristina Papadopulos, 2014) specifically with certain shot ideas. Just to refresh here was the shot as well as my own attempt, this is only rough mind and I’ll be able to get better focus on my subject in Morocco:


Screen grab from ‘Old Craftsman Portrait’ (Hristina Papadopulos, 2014)


My attempt, widescreen bars edited for this shot.

I may look to change this however as through a conversation with my right hand man Ezra Leese, it could work in an adapted 1:1 square ratio. I think it is unique and would stand alone from the rest of the documentary. It could work as an ending shot, showing Mustapha more intimately before the credits rolls. This is a decision I would make in post but I’d like to create as many options as possible. Here is what I mean:

Canon 35mm1.MOV.Still003.jpg

Through testing these lenses I have chosen my 3 that I intend to take to Morocco to shoot my documentary ‘Mustapha the Weaver’. The quality of the Samyang 50mm is brilliant and I’m truly excited to begin filming with it soon. Below is the video of the raw footage, I am excited to capture Sefrou, a space that is so unique and full of character. This will be a treat!!!


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