FMP Update / Finalising Pre-Production (361mc)

My project has now been approved and the paperwork has been signed off by my tutor, specifically the Risk Assessment and Ethics Form. I have spent time speaking with my contact in Morocco this week, Jess Stephens who runs the organisation ‘Culture Vultures’. I’ll be staying in one of the guest houses whilst out in Morocco that would traditionally be open to artists staying in residency. I have discussed how I’ll be converting money in Sefrou as it’s a closed currency as well as the translator who will be facilitating our stay and helping with interviews. Luckily, I’m receiving free accommodation in exchange for some filming of an event that Culture Vultures have organised towards the end of my stay. I see this as a great opportunity to film an international event and work with a bunch of creatives that I’ve never come across before.

I have my full booking in order with an extension from the 16th-28th February, I will insure everything for the full amount closer to the time. I am still at a point where I’ve looking into music for the film and deciding shot ideas. The nature of my piece is very natural and simplistic. It almost takes inspiration from the Dérive, an idea initially put forward by Guy Debourd in 1956. According to Debourd (1956) “Dérives involve playful-constructive behaviour and awareness of psychological effects, and are thus quite different from the classic notions of journey or stroll” Here he discusses how a derive is an unplanned journey, where one is guided by the terrain and the characteristics of the environment. My journey is planned with an intention of shooting a documentary but it’s form isn’t entirely. I will explore different shot ideas and locations within Sefrou that I won’t discover until I’m psychically there. I’m don’t want to constrict myself, in a sense I’ll look to gather more material than I’d actually need as to have more options in the edit.

Transportation is sorted, importantly from Fes Airport to the house in Sefrou. Budgeting wise I’m really happy. I still have input from my interviewee Mustapha Elghorami as I message him when I can through social media. His English is limited but we can understand each other and maintain a working dialogue. My contact mentioned he was excited to be on board with the project.

I’m currently bringing all my paperwork together, ensuring it is organised well in one folder. I have started working on my dossier and initially perfecting the brief description that summarises the film. There is still further research that I’m working on and other sources of inspiration that I’m looking into. Contextually speaking I did research quite a lot during the 360mc module but I feel I can go more in depth and develop what I started. I’m excited to jet out to Morocco and enjoy the experience on all levels, taking the lows and the highs, developing my own techniques and confidence working abroad. Further research will be posted this week into areas I’ve explored in relation to the theme and tone of my film.




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