Harnall Lifehouse (The Salvation Army-364mc)

During second year, I did a small documentary on the Salvation Army that was used for one of my modules and it came together quite well. However, I didn’t quite have the time to do it justice and interview more of the staff who ensure the day-to-day running of the centre. Recently, I was contacted by Nathan Slinn who is a Regional Manager for the army, about putting together a video that showcases all of the services on offer in Coventry. I jumped at this chance as it would be another opportunity to test my camera skills solo and ensure the continuity of the piece. It would involve numerous days of filming, facilitated by Nathan himself which was helpful as this ensured that focus wasn’t lost.

I was able to film numerous members of staff, residents who were previously homeless and also Nathan himself. I captured the different buildings that the army runs and got to hear of different activities that are provided to help engage the residents. We had to be careful at times who we were interviewing as some of the individuals are quite vulnerable and are not prepared to be filmed. However, we were fortunate with those that did come forward as they helped provide further scope on what the Salvation Army does and what changes they bring about.

I feel that the final piece is well rounded and I believe that anyone who watches it can at least appreciate the dedication of the staff members and communities within Coventry. There are some changes that could have been made to the interviews but we had to setup quickly at points as residents only had a certain amount of time and other staff members had to return to their duties. Nonetheless, I put my full effort into this piece and it was great working with Nathan and the Salvation Army. I received great feedback from the contributors and I recently heard that it was shown to the Territorial Leader, Commissioner Clive Adams and sent round to other centres throughout the country.

It was a thoroughly rewarding experience; here is the final result that Nathan allowed me to post on my Vimeo portfolio.




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