Filming/Editing for CUSU (364MC)

Over the last two months I have done a number of filming and editing jobs for the Coventry University Student Union, linking with the Vice President of Activities Gabriella Rotaru. I had met Gabriella when I interviewed her for a separate project last summer for the Responsible Futures team. The first job was photographing and filming segments of the ‘Welcome Event for International Students’ that took place at the Cathedral in October of last year. It was challenging as the lighting was so poor but we used our initiative and ended up getting some good material that was posted online through the CUSU social media pages. Here we met key members from the student union team and other faculties around the university. It gave us opportunities to mix with new students and find out there backgrounds; some even studying media and asking us questions about the course and the university itself.

Here are some images myself and Ezra Leese took from the event as well as the highlight video that I helped shoot and edit:

After good feedback from the client (Gabriella), we were invited to help on another event just recently. To photograph, film and compose a highlight video of the Chinese New Year celebration at the Albany Theatre. It was a 3 hour event so we covered wide and mid shots with different lenses i.e. 70-200m, 24-105mm etc.. I didn’t expect we’d be filming from the gallery up top in the theatre so once again we had to adapt to our surroundings as before, this never phases myself or my right hand man Ezra Leese. We always work well together whatever the situation. Below are some stills from the event and another highlight video including interviews with students and the Mayor of Coventry, Lindsley Harvard.

I always try to get myself out there and take as many opportunities as I can. I have been a little quieter with client work recently as I’m currently editing a feature film and focusing on my studies. Nevertheless, I will try to take on jobs where I can as they always end up being new experiences and chances to be creative.



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