Film Editor Job for Moonraven Films (364mc)

Through a number of conversations I had with a fellow creative and good friend Anthony Webster, I was put into contact with Liane Moonraven, an American Producer breaking into the film industry. He put my name forward to potentially help work on post-production for her upcoming feature film ‘Paper Angels’, a dark piece that focuses on loss and obsession. I jumped at the chance to get involved so I later sent Liane some of my work, specifically a short film I edited and my own film completed over the Summer just gone. Thankfully she was happy with my style and experience and after speaking with her through social media and video conferencing, I signed paper work that signified my role as film editor. This marks my first major edit on a film outside of university. I have done a lot of client edits and smaller pieces but this will help my cv immensely and show to people I’m working with industry professionals and not solely focusing on my studies.

At times I was worried about taking on such a lot of work with final year looming but so far it has proven manageable and the rough cut is coming together nicely. Upon receiving the large volume of footage, I met with the Director ‘Ian Dangerfield’ and talked through the project with him as well as his involvement in another feature ‘Kaleidoscope Man’. I knew his name through certain circles so it was great to be working with directly on Paper Angels. The film is comprised of 49 scenes and I have been sending on individual and grouped scene blocks to the Producer via Google Drive, shared through a private link. I have also used ‘’, a global communication service that allows me to screen share my workspace to other computers around the world. In real time, Liane and Ian can provide comments on the edit, looking at the timeline in Premiere Pro. This has proved a real success and currently, 27/49 scenes are completed in rough and with a full rough cut deadline of March, I’m well on track.

Here are some shots below of the film, copyrighted to Moonraven Films:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

All being well, the film should be completed by July at the latest providing there are no major hiccups. I am thrilled to be part of Moonraven Films and already I’m in talks for future projects with members of the team. Onwards and Upwards indeed.


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