ADR Work on short film ‘The Prague Provision’ (364mc)

I recently spent some time helping out on a short film entitled ‘The Prague Provision’, initially jumping on as Assistant Editor, providing another set of eyes on the cut for Director Michael Moser. Lots of little changes helped round the film into a solid piece and with the cut locked, it was towards the, at the time, monumental task of re-recording all of the dialogue for the film’s 4 characters. I had spent some time during second year learning the basics of ADR recording so I decided to create my on little portable ADR booth. Using a vocal booth I already owned, attached on a mic stand with a RODE NT/USB Condenser mic and a 5 inch pop filter, we had an effective method of recording clean vocals. We then used a mac to play each line of dialogue that was repeated 3-4 times.

Here is an example of the set-up below:


We ventured down to the actor’s homes on separate weekends, located in London and Staffordshire to name a few. They were very busy weekends but I personally learnt a lot about my own abilities to work under pressure and deliver results for others. I was responsible for this set-up, ensuring it would work and syncing the recordings in realtime plus making playbacks available for the Director to review.

I got to meet with the actors who were all very individual and unique characters. Some were still in the early stages of their careers whilst two others were quite well established and I felt lucky to hear about their work and just general life tips. Tom Vaughan for example who plays the role of Damien has a music career alongside his acting work that has taken him all over. His setup was similar to ours for recording vocals so I was able to ask about the mics he uses. It was a thoroughly enjoyable experience on my first serious batch of ADR recordings for a film.

Here are a couple of videos below that show us recording with the actors and some work with myself and the Director reviewing a scene of the film:

Through a number of posts the Producer put on social media, we had a lot of positive feedback about my mobile ADR setup and even acclaim from Director Simon Cox. He took my advice and purchased some kit similar to what I have. He even asked if possibly I’d like to help out with some of the ADR recording for his feature film ‘Kaleidoscope Man’, set to be released towards the end of this year. For a video editor, not focusing on sound, I’m happy that I’ve taught myself a great deal and had a positive impact on a project and received positive comments for it.


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