CW2 Self Evaluation (360MC)

Throughout the last 2 months, I’ve spent a lot of time working on the pre-production and planning for my final project at university. This work falls under CW2 for the 360MC module. I felt privileged that I had an idea for my FMP before these major modules had started. I first visited Sefrou in April, 2016 and even then I knew that I wanted to create something, just it took a little longer to fully realise my idea. I have really enjoyed the 360MC module, following on from CW1 and the creative artefacts we produced, I could now steer my focus on collating all of the materials for my documentary.

This is the first big project that I’ve personally spearheaded. People have helped me with a variety of aspects such as Ezra Leese who will be accompanying me on the trip, sponsors for the budget and liaisons out in Sefrou. I’m more referring to the creative decisions being entirely down to me. I have the freedom to explore theory and research into any creative forms. I have the decision to shorten or lengthen my questions, decide how I’m going to shoot and document the story of a truly inspirational man. It has been a solid two months for a number of positives.

I am very happy with my production website that features content covering all of the preproduction bases. I spent a lot of time looking into stylistic influences and inspirational pieces that eventually helped give me sequential ideas. I hadn’t made a website for a specific media project in some time, especially for one that I had full control over. To make it outward facing was important, I wanted it to be clear, concise but most importantly professional. I fully believe that I achieved this look and the content is informative and helps give an idea of the production process to date.

I knew that this work and the module itself was going to be difficult as I do not naturally go for the role as Producer/Director. I have always been more of an Editor and assistant to others in these specific roles. Still, to complete my own project successfully I would have to man the reigns and ensure everything was covered and completed. Budgeting was difficult but I began early and contacted my liaison in Morocco about transfers, flights, accommodation, food costs, translators etc… I’ve realised that planning early and simply being friendly to people really helps. By doing a little filming for the organisation I’m staying with out there, we are getting free accommodation for the week. I was also happy with my proposal video as I was lucky enough to have shots of Mustapha from my previous visit. I was doing a very specific role photographing students when I was last out there so I was worried that I wouldn’t have enough tangible material for my own project. There was a number of shots of Sefrou that gave an idea of the visuals, I was very thankful my subconscious brain took these.

To improve for the future I would spend more time theorising my chosen form. I did look into some key theorists but I feel I could spend a greater amount of time on this. Understanding what others have documented in the past and age old debates on the validity and structure of documentary’s are important when attempting one of your own. Best to read the theory, we all interpret it differently for sure but it can help our own creative learning. I am happy with my progress over the module, having finished my first production website, proposal video and supporting material collated together. Now onwards to February 19th when I’ll be jetting off to Morocco to shoot this thing and getting stuck in to 361mc.

Featured Photo Credit: Evaluating Information. (2013) Michelle Moor. [Online] Available from: [Accessed: 19/01/17]


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