‘Mustapha the Weaver’ Visual Content (CW2)

This is just a short post showcasing some of the best pictures that I took when I was last in Sefrou. Not all of them are focused on Mustapha specifically as I was doing a job photographing the students at the time. As I can’t just head down to Morocco to take fresh material, I will be using some of what I have to show the area and get a feel for the documentary. Call it a visual mood board. Here are a selection that hopefully help to show Sefrou and what my piece could look like:

Some of the shots and angles here will be similar to what I’ll be capturing for my documentary. Wider shots of Sefrou, Mustapha interacting with this place. The shots of his work, not the woodwork shown, but of his textile work. Below are two shots of Mustapha’s workshop where the interviews will be taking place. One is taken by my good friend Emine Arabaci who has let me use this picture on the production website. I will be getting a lot more stills when I return over there.


Here are two mock posters that I have for now with my chosen title. They are not at all final just something to advertise the documentary for now. I especially like the first one as it shows his honest, decent character. We will capture a lot more like this when we shoot the final piece.


We’ll soon have a lot more stills for a poster and further content to post online. It is difficult for me to do a reccy in Sefrou due to the money involved and can only afford enough for the real thing. I will put up a post soon with details of logistics and how the other material is coming along.


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