FMP Development UPDATE (CW2)

I have spent the past week having a number of conversations with my contacts in Morocco, my peers here in Coventry and some other professionals I’ve previously worked with about my FMP idea. I got a lot of positive feedback but certain people mentioned about what questions would be asked to specific artisans. The more I thought on this, the more I realised I could lose focus by including so many members of the community. I’d like to ask more questions to just one artisan. Therefore, the running title ‘The Artisans of Sefrou’ has now changed to ‘Mustapha the Weaver’ A Short Documentary.

Mustapha was always going to be the lead interview into my project so I thought why not focus it on his story, his work, his interactions with Sefrou and the community around him. It would be 8-10 minutes, not a huge change just shorter than the top 15 minutes that it might have been. This way I can tailor the questions specifically to Mustapha and not overcomplicate things.

Another thought I had was that this can serve as a short documentary on it’s own and answer the questions I will put forward but also it could be part of a series where I interview other artisans, possibly in Sefrou and outwards towards Fez. Through the research I had done stylistically, I found that it was more beneficial to explore the story of one person and ensure I create the best questions to unlock the right answers. I have met Mustapha before and had an instant rapport with him so this is beneficial for the project and when we start filming in the coming months. For the sequences, I’d like to shoot as many different angles of him working on his age old apparatus in his workshop as well as some shots of him looking over Sefrou, holding his guestbook, walking around the Medina, interacting with people. This still has some work but more will be revealed in my final Stylistic segment in the production folder.

I feel more confident after making this decision and believe I’ll be able to create something that’s more rounded and serve a greater purpose. All of my hopes remain the same, I want to get this out there and bring attention to his work and the artisanal community in Sefrou. I will continue to plan and document my progress; currently working on the website for the documentary and the production folder. I am also going to create a video proposal for the project using some material I shot on my previous trip to Sefrou and further outline the idea.

More information will be posted soon, for now I am happy with the progress and that I have people on board, supporting the change and the current plan going forward. Here is a look at the title that will be included in the final poster and supporting documents. It has an arabic style font for the main title with a sub line that works very well. I’ve had good feedback on this and it works well on the website:

Website Title.jpg



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