Documents / CV, Tutorial Prep (364mc)

Here is my tutorial preparation document that references my plans for the new year and beyond university. It mentions some of the contacts I already have and how they have been useful to me. In my meeting with Mez Packer, we discussed some of the work I had done and ideas for my FMP. I mentioned some of the work experience I had done and how I firmly believe it’s not ‘what you know but who you know’. This has become ever more apparent this year for sure. I will look to start my website in the new year as well, this time populating it with more content of a higher quality. I want it to be professional, clean and present my work in the best way possible. Mez was happy with my current progress and plans for the rest of the module.

Here is the document with my answers in full:

Samuel Lardner 364MC Tutorial Preparation Document 1.0

Also here is my CV that has been updated with my new website link. I will write about my new site in a separate blog post once it is fully live.

Samuel Lardner’s CV 2017


‘Basic Interview Preparation’ thisisbespoke. 2017. Available from: [Accessed: 07/12/16]


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