Industry Contacts 1.0 (364mc)

Contacts mentioned:

  • Simon Cox (Director & Editor)
  • Vanessa Bailey (Actor, Writer & Producer)

Over the last two years, I have been building a list of industry contacts through work experience I have done and circles I have became a part of. It’s quite surprising how many of these circles intertwine and how different practitioners have collaborated together on other projects in the past that I’ve met in completely different environments. Certain contacts I have been recommended to or directed their way from other people I’ve worked with. One such contact is Simon Cox (Director & Editor) who I first met as an extra for his feature film ‘Kaleidoscope Man’ (2017) that is set to be released at the end of this year. I knew certain people that were involved in production so I got the chance to be an extra and meet the majority of the team, including Simon.

Here are some stills from the day in question, you can see me in amidst the crowd:

Stills taken by Ian Dangerfield (2015)

More information on the day of shooting can be found in this blog post written by Simon himself:

I got to speak with Simon on a number of occasions about his film, his production and edit process. He even at one point asked for my advice on the mobile ADR setup I had organised for a friend’s short film that proved successful. Following his journey on social media regarding ‘Kaleidoscope Man’ has been so beneficial and it’s exciting to hopefully be a small part of it. This will depend on the final cut of course whether I’ll be included.

Another interesting creator that Simon recommended to me is Vanessa Bailey (Actor, Writer & Producer) and this was regarding her short film ‘Seeing Him’ (2017) that is set to be released early summer of this year. I really liked the sound of this project and backed it through Indiegogo. Once again I liked the online content shared regarding the film’s production and the audience engagement that was possible. Have a look at the official Facebook page for example’s of this content: I then decided to attempt to get in touch with her regarding the film and any advice she may be able to offer. Luckily she got back to me regarding my name in the credits as a supporter and answered my question on how she started in the industry. It is invaluable advice from a success story in the industry, someone really owning their own project and making use of crowd funding platforms that I have used myself.

Here is a screenshot of her answer:

Vanessa Bailey 364mc.jpg

Both of these contacts have helped cement the idea that it’s not always what you know, more who you know. I will continue doing small jobs here and there, getting to know as many people as possible and ask questions when I can. I never look to pester people, more when I’m on set I do my job the best I can and ask only when I get the chance. Through observing production on ‘Kaleidoscope Man’ I appreciated the skill of everyone on set and how a team can work well when everyone nails their job however big or small. I am interested in editing for sure but initially I would like to be a runner for a production company as I still need to better understand the process in the industry. I will continue to reach out to people, I have some masterclass’s lined up with international filmmakers that I will write up soon.


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