Reflection on CW1 for 360MC

This Wednesday 30th November is our first deadline for CW1 (360mc). It will mark the end of the first half of the module focusing on Research and Development. I have really enjoyed this term so far and having opportunities to really experiment with my work and create unique items based on fortnightly briefs. I spent days and evenings in the library looking into my themes and chosen subject areas. Researching into how food is represented in the media and what values we associate with food. Identifying different fears and phobias, methods of creating fear and linking fear with certain objects. Ensuring that my imagination was never falling short, I created three distinctly different creative artefacts that I am truly proud of.

Briefly talking about all three, the first artefact focused on my relationship with food and how it makes me think of family, specifically my father. I shot a little short video in my house on a typical Sunday afternoon, the time when I was usually closest with my father. I created an almost poetic narration of the video that I recorded in. I discuss my dad’s favourite food and the things he taught me based on the simplicity, the appreciation of the things we have however big or small. I enjoyed filming just myself although having to constantly check focus when your sat in the shot can be a little tiresome. In the end I felt that it had real meaning and suited the theme well.

The second artefact consisted of a collection of photographs that I took myself. For the first series entitled ‘Plastic Paranoia’ I set up a few scenes playing around with lighting, physical objects, camera angles and lenses. Using a Mark II, a 100mm Macro lense and an LED box light, I experimented with a number of figures that I have around the home. Many of them seem quite innocent and humorous at times but if you change the lighting, forcing more shadow, you can give them all new meaning. They can now seem mysterious, darker in nature, scary if you will. For the other photographs I looked at other paranoia and fears of loneliness. I loved this task as I really enjoyed playing around with different angles and thinking of ways to make these figures demonic and really quite freaky. I think I did a pretty good job in the end.

The final artefact responding to the word ‘Imagine’ was my most unique I felt. I spent the most time researching into my chosen subject area which was Surrealism. Extensive research gave me more ideas, greater desire to stretch my creativity and put together something that would make people go “Ooohh okay what is this?” Whether positive or negative I simply wanted to get a response and get people talking. I was super happy with my first real attempt at a Surrealist film. I had done one in first year but this time round I really did my research. More information can be found on what I did for this artefact in my Critical Analysis in the previous blog post.

This module has been very engaging and presented so well. In the past we have had weekly tasks which never quite gave us enough time to throughly research the given topic and to fully realise our idea. The structure of this module allowed us to do all of this and create some decent work. The themes may not directly link with my FMP idea but the methods used throughout this term certainly will. Bring on CW2!!!


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