Musca Domestica – Imagine (Creative Artefact 3)

Following my research on the Surrealist movement and the impact it had on film, I decided to produce my own short that drew inspiration from work I had looked at and the general characteristics of Surrealist film. The use of shocking imagery and focusing on themes that aren’t always traditionally covered or constructed in such a way. This has always been an area of real interest for me, experimentation with fresh ideas and content that makes people think hard, questioning everything.

I will critically analyse this particular artefact that I have produced in a future post but for now I just wanted to share it on my blog. My Surrealist attempt looks at animal and human behaviour, specifically at houseflies. They are quick, they are always watching us, they never miss a thing. Surrounding our lives, flies are ever present. The central character is obsessed with houseflies, he wants to be like one. It’s almost like a fetish, a dark obsession for their characteristics. The attributes that make up a housefly. The idea came to me sporadically as most do.

I shot the short using a USB Digital Microscope and a FlipVideo camera. I wanted the distorted feel with a smaller frame rate. The microscope was essential to capture the dead fly in some detail. In the edit I spent time playing around with some of my own personal pre-recorded stock footage that I have used before. Some worked, some different. Everything you see works as a transition between the human and the fly. He wants to become more like the fly, he sees his friends, he sees the world around him but not through his eyes anymore.

My decision will be explained in greater detail in the next blog post. For now here is my final creative artefact for Imagine:


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