‘Fear’ Photography (Creative Artefact 2)

As I touched on my research post on Fear in the Media world, I decided to take a series of photographs that represented fear and how we perceive things that ‘scare’ us. I mainly looked to focus on figures, statues, faces moulded from compound materials to create this representation of human beings, animals. Inanimate objects that pose no threat to us and yet people have extreme phobias and fears of dolls, small figurines that may them feel as if their being watched. I looked to construct this fear playing around with lighting and certain camera angles. Shadow, clarity and contrast are key elements to defining how frightening the figures look in the pictures, how they come across. If I had the house lights on and took less of an extreme close up, the figures may appear harmless, just simple toys, collectables. I selected a number of pieces I have around my house and attempted to almost bring them to life. Using just a Mark II, a 24mm-105mm lens and a LED Box Light I played around with different setups. On one image I used candlelight and made it seem that the two statues were staring into the flame; an almost satanic ritual maybe. Questions run through your head when staring at these images, are they staring at me, where are they from? One is a silly figure from a video game but I’ve obscured half of it’s face to create that devilish grin, a reminder of the majority of horror movie posters.

Here is the series I call ‘Plastic Paranoia’

Creepy Music (Listen to this whilst you view each picture. Take your time, assess each one individually)

010213051506I felt that the pictures turned out really well but it was definitely a trial and error process, testing the lighting, changing the kelvins and working out which angle would make the figures look that much more ‘creepy’ or ‘sinister’. I had looked at film posters and photographers work previously so I had an idea of how I would position the statues.

I also decided to experiment with some other themes surrounding paranoia and how we can often feel like someone is there, someone is watching, someone is following us. We can never see them but they can always see us. Over the shoulder just out of sight but we can always sense their presence. The light coming from that one place. I also thought about loneliness. The majority of us will at some point experience loneliness. I think we all have the fear of being lonely at times, maybe not a lot but it can enter our minds as we make transitions that take us away from the people we are closest to. Sometimes a place can feel so empty, even where there are thousands of people around. To me, it can feel like a huge field where there is no real way out. There is no one you can speak to or meet as it’s such an unfamiliar place.

The 4 pictures are below: Paranoia and Loneliness



This task has been a great opportunity to test my creativity relating to a specific theme. I am happy with the photographs I took and the feelings that I got across to people who viewed them. Onwards to the next artefact.


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