Portfolio Research on Media Practitioners (364MC)

One of the harder things I have found in the last year is looking at myself as a media professional instead of a media student. Identifying my skill set in line with the industry I wish to one day work in full time. It is difficult to have the self belief and motivation to go about advertising myself as a media practitioner to the wider world. I have started looking at myself differently through the work I’ve done with different clients and other media professionals, it has boosted my confidence through positive reinforcement. I am now at the point where I actively say yes to filming/editing jobs and look for future work as well. I am starting to become more proud of the work that I’m producing and posting online and in line with one of my modules, it has encouraged me to spend more time designing and publishing a website/portfolio celebrating my work and accomplishments.

Initially, I have spent some time researching some websites and other professional portfolios from people in the industry. Here are some screenshots below that I will reference. There are design aspects that I may look to incorporate into my own site and certain layout ideas. The functionality is also important, making it clear to navigate.


I like the simplicity with this portfolio from Mark Grassia (http://www.markgrassia.com), how his work is structured clearly with striking stills for each one. There isn’t a huge amount of detail where there could be though, a lack of supporting material. The contact information is good at the bottom but the font is a little small. I will have to pay attention to all of these aspects when designing my website. Font size, type and colour are essential. Also whether they can be accessed on different platforms such as mobile and tablet as well as multiple browsers.


This website is similar to before, a less is more feel visually. A lot of white space at times if you will but this draws focus I feel. The menu is it’s own stand alone page instead of small drop downs in a banner at the top like most websites typically have. The logo is also an animation which is unique, unfortunately you can’t appreciate that from the screenshot but if you go to: http://www.hayleycarloni.com you can see it for yourself. I like the structured feel but it is a little boxey at times. I feel that my website should be clear but a little abstract as well. I want someone to be able to think wow, that’s nice when they first visit my site. I want them to be able to easily find my work without having to click through tonnes of pages. Functionality and accessibility is key!!


Of all the portfolios that I came across, the one above from Ed Enayat is by far the most original and striking. It can be found here: http://www.edsediting.tv. It has recently been updated to conform with recent looks which is a little shame. Before when I screenshotted the old site I loved the menu pages locked to the left. It was really clear and just felt right. I love the idea of locking these to the left or right. His content was brilliant. Including the blogs and supporting material is important. I would also like to feature my Curriculum Vitae on my website as well, not just as a pdf but as a dedicated page. Making social media and contact information clear will be vital to my website having any real use. It’s about getting it seen and easily transferrable across a variety of mediums.

I have some real solid ideas for my website and will look to start working on it soon. I have benefited from researching portfolios and websites from different media creatives. The key thing will be to make mine look unique and specific to my work and my personal style.


CARLONI, H. (2016) Hayley Carloni [Online] Available from: http://www.hayleycarloni.com [Accessed: 31/10/16)

ENAYAT, E. (2016) Ed Enayat [Online] Available from: http://www.edsediting.tv [Accessed: 31/10/16]

GRASSIA, M. (2013) Mark Grassia [Online] Available from: http://www.markgrassia.com [Accessed: 31/10/16]




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