My Dad – Reflection (Creative Artefact 1)

Following the research conducted on Food in the media and how it can be used and represented, I decided to create a short visual piece. I focused on memories of my father and how certain food and drink can remind me of him and conjure certain thoughts. I focused quite a bit on the Hovis advertisements in my previous research post, outlining the key family values that were rooted in the message and dictated the delivery of each piece. The adverts were targeted at working families, showing young boys working hard delivering bread, family orientated throughout. This reminded me of my father, he taught me to appreciate the simple things in life. The elements of the video link with the nature and feel of the Hovis advertisements.

His favourite food was Steak and Kidney pudding, with a few new potatoes on the side. Simple, nothing special. This almost represents my childhood and the ideals passed on from my father, respecting and acknowledging what I have and the goodness of that. We should not dwell on the things that we don’t have or the material goods we think we should have. We should be happy and content knowing that there is food on the table and that family is more important than all of the material things.

My father unfortunately passed away in 2012, but for the 16 years of my life that he was around, he spent them teaching me, helping me find my path in life, supporting me in all that I aspired to do. I learned so much from him about history, about life in general, about the things that we as human beings should all have, self-worth, respect and love for your family and the people who brought you into this world.

Food can bring back so many memories and so many particular aspects of a person. My creative artefact served as a reflection, a time to think back and remind myself once again about the things my dad taught me. We can all get lost at times and lose sight of what is most important. Reflection is key to reclaiming this, remembering the foundations of our youth. This task helped remind me of all those things I spoke about with my dad. The piece touches on the simple food that brought back so much. Also, the smell of southern comfort takes me back to his birthdays, as if he is there in the room. Senses are the most profound element of the human experience. In a way certain smells, certain tastes can transport you to places in time, in the past, memories, experiences. Very powerful.

Here is a transcript of my narration in the piece and the artefact itself that I created is below that. I wanted to have a poetic influence on the narration, a rhythm almost. Simple but effective:

“It’s funny how certain things can remind you of people. Food for one. My Dad loved food, he really did. It’s funny, I’ve always associated food with family, the tradition. Sundays roasts, Steak and Kidney Pudding, Minced Beef and Onion Pie, Custard for dessert, with my Dad it was always about the tradition. My Dad taught me to appreciate the little things in life, the things that really matter most. It may not seem a lot, but this was my Dad’s favourite food. When I smell Steak and Kidney, I always think of him. The same goes for Southern Comfort, his favourite drink, his birthday present. These are the ways that I remember my Dad”.

This task also gave me an opportunity to test out the Canon Mark II which worked brilliantly. Checking the focus and adjusting the shot was a little tedious at times as I had to get our of that chair repeatedly. It did give me a chance to be creative with a personal story and produce something with real meaning and heart.


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