The Passage – My little short

I was once told by one of my lecturers at university that the best time to brainstorm ideas is late at night, he said this is where creative thoughts surge. I didn’t get this one bit at the time until I was lying awake at 2am one night and out of nowhere this little idea came to me for a short story. I don’t know if it had sprung from watching an episode of Containment a few hours earlier but I wanted to instantly jot down notes. The idea was based around the transition of a young man from one life to the next. I wanted this to happen amidst a viral outbreak where the character would effectively become a zombie but the second half is not important. It was more about the transition.

This was a chance to actually be proactive with an idea. I started working on a mini script, realising that I could turn this into a short film, as opposed to just a story. I summarised a shot list and started thinking of locations to shoot the film. On the way to my nan’s house, we take the same route every time. Towards Longford, there is a roundabout and before going through it, you drive under a section of the M6. There is a spot under this bridge that was occupied by a number of homeless people. My mother works for The Salvation Army and she was informed that these people had been moved on by the police. One weekend I decided to check it out and honestly, I have never come across a better fitting location for a story. It was harsh, girtty, dirty. The way I wanted the film to look. Even better, all of the rubbish and certain ‘belonging’s of the homeless people were still scattered around. It made it seem as if the world had been abandoned for sometime which, unfortunately is the reality at times as people leave the environment in such a mess. Here are some pictures below from when we were first location scouting.

I knew this was my location for sure!! I then called up my good friend Jarad Huggard to see if he wanted to star as my troubled young man in the film. He was on board straight away. My friend Ezra Leese helped me coordinate things, buying props, the costume, sorting out dates. Within a couple of weeks we had everything sorted and only required the one Saturday to shoot the short. I was super happy with how it went. This was only a small project for myself with no real deadlines, just a chance to experiment and see how it turned out. The visuals came out well and the edit was simply a joy.

What really made me smile was that I had personally brought a 2am idea to life and turned it into a short film. I sent the first cut to some close friends and fellow practitioners and after some good feedback, I decided to try sending it out to some film festivals. I thought why not, I had absolutely nothing to lose and only more to gain. I selected 6 festivals through a lot of researching and the aid of FilmFreeway (which is brilliant by the way). A real mix of short horror festivals and those welcoming talent from all over the world.

The good news is I have currently been accepted into the ‘Audience Awards’ 2016 Horror Shorts Film Festival’. Voting for the best short opens on October 25th so I’ll be sharing it plenty then. I am currently waiting to hear back on the other 5 but notification dates are vastly approaching so fingers crossed for those. What matters is I took the plunge and sent it off and the fact that I got into one makes all the difference.

Onwards and Upwards as I always say and I’m excited for future projects where I can be this proud and have the opportunity to send to more festivals.

Of course I am unable to currently post the film here but I will put some behind the scene pics below.



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