Flash Fiction – Parting Ways

Here is my little attempt at Flash Fiction. It’s been two years since I put pen to paper and tried to write a short story. Typed it up so I could share it online but you know what I’m actually quite happy with this little piece. Inspiration taken from the television series Containment. Here it is below:

Ray collapsed on the roof, unable to hold back the tears. The infection had finally caught up with Sarah. There was nothing he could do. He thought maybe the vaccine was working but it only prolonged the inevitable. Sarah had become different day by day, her behaviour changing, becoming more like an animal than human. Violent, aggressive. Ray already had his contamination suit ready, fully understanding that he couldn’t touch her. He knew this was the end.

Sarah was in a room, isolated. Coughing up blood. Coming in and out of consciousness. It had been days of agony and fractured conversations through a pane of glass. Sarah slowly rolled to her left, ripping her IV drip from her wrist and falling to the ground. Ray storms into the room and grabs Sarah, looking into her eyes as she violently struggles in pain. He whispers “I promised I wouldn’t run, I’m here. Look at me” Sarah looks up towards him, scared, panicking. “Sarah, close your eyes and we can be back at the beach”. Sarah stops struggling looking straight at Ray. Closing her eyes, she takes herself to a time when life was simple and nothing mattered. It was just about the two of them. The virus was only a myth, people were good, not the animals they had become today. Sarah could feel Ray touching her shoulder, kissing her neck, his warm embrace. A feeling of home. Sarah coughing up more blood and stuttering, let out one final gasp before saying the words “I love you”. Ray holds her tightly. Sarah is at the beach, kissing Ray. Pure water, skies blue. Currents swept her out one final time. Ray slowly shuts her eyes and lays her to rest.

These hands had to let her go free
And this love came back to me

Here is an audio recording of the short story with an image to help set the scene:




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