Summer Client Work

Throughout second year, I made a conscious effort to see myself as more of a professional, more of a media practitioner than just a student. Through some early opportunities offered through the course I began to make a number of contacts, which I began to realise was possibly one of the most important things I could do at university. One particular example was during my trip to Morocco, photographing and shooting for the Changing Lives Programme. One of the other members of staff on the trip was Selina Fletcher, the Sustainability’s Manager for Coventry University. Through simple conversations about my course and the work I had done so far, she asked me if I’d be interested in assisting with a project idea she had. It involved interviewing a number of faculty members around the University and some students, regarding the Responsible Futures department. I was straight away on board and thrilled to be offered the opportunity. One of the other big differences here was that I was actually being paid for this work. A difficult aspect of the transition at university from student to professional is being able to ask for money and understanding the correct rates. Practise makes perfect though just like anything else, it’s all about those first experiences. I also edited three videos for the Changing Lives Programme where these conversations started. This was paid work and the videos were showcased in the reception of the Ellen Terry Building. One of them is below:

The Responsible Futures video came together really well and Selina recommended me to another member of staff, Jenny Forsyth who wanted two videos for student finalists with the Green Gown Awards. Unfortunately I am unable to post this content on here currently as they have not been shown at the main events as of yet. I also photographed an app release for ‘Your Rubbish’, an app that Selina headed that helps students with recycling and when to put the correct bins out. Taking one opportunity to shoot out in Morocco opened up multiple doors to future work that was for the majority paid as well.

During the summer period I also got some other work. I helped shoot some promotional videos at the Gravity Automotive Event that turned out really nice. Alongside Tom Harries and Brandon Frieslaar, we covered a variety of automobiles and interviewed some car enthusiasts. There were 3 videos in total and the organisers were happy with the end result, even showcasing some on their social media pages. Here are two of them below:

There were some other smaller projects filming and photographing for the University with some other people from my course and other media professionals. I shot some health videos for a startup company looking to build an app, featuring information on what to do in the event of an emergency such as a heart attack or a stroke.

Further work is lined up in the next few weeks through recommendations from previous clients. The big lesson I have learnt is to believe in your ability and to look at yourself as a professional who is specifically being asked to do something based on those abilities. The clients believe I have the expertise to put something effective together for them, so this is the opportunity to do just that. I have developed so many skills and will continue to do so. I say yes to a lot more jobs that I used to. Sometimes you have to say ‘no’ but I do try to keep things varied and stay as open as possible.

It wasn’t the most exciting summer but I did work my ass off, create some decent pieces of work and get paid in the process. Onwards and Upwards as always. Time to see what third year has in store.


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